Right on the heels of the big tryptophan doping event of the year, three of my favorite programs have gone through some minor tweaks and changes. Firefox, Pidgin, and The Gimp have all received a bit of tweaking. Let's take a look at the changes.

Mozilla Firefox has updated to version for both Windows and Mac. This is a security bug-fixing update, taking care of some minor exploits missed by the security update done in v2.0.0.8. Also in browser-land is an update to the Firefox-based social networking browser Flock, for both Windows and Mac, that incorporates the Firefox v2.0.0.8 fixes into their code.

Pidgin has been my chat client of choice for a few months now, ever since the name change from Gaim to Pidgin. Google Chat is my preferred method of distributing annoying emoticons to my friends, but many people at work use either Yahoo's or AOL's messenger, so Pidgin is a logical choice. This update makes changes to the source code for libpurple and Finch as well as Pidgin, enhancing the code for the three clients built from the same source.

The biggest changes here allow you to use the auto-join option for group chats, and to label them persistent so if the window closes you don't lose your connection. Other improvements include major changes to the help manual, minor interface tweaks, and the requisite bug-fixing.

The GIMP is a great freeware and open source image editor that has come a long way in the past year. This update's bug fixes feature more stability-based issues, filling in a lot of holes that would lead to program crashes.