Slack has already helped revolutionize workplace communication and management, but now, it's giving users a way to set a time period for statuses so their coworkers know when, and when not to, contact them.

Slack introduced the AOL Messenger-like status messages last April, but Slack is now adding allows users to put a time limit for the status.

In the status screen, you will now see a list of predetermined statuses and time periods next to them. You can customize the amount of time for the status using a dropdown menu.

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"When work gets busy, it's helpful to let your team know what you're up to and how quickly you can respond to messages. Slack has a couple of ways to share your whereabouts and indicate your availability to other members," Slack wrote in its announcement.

"To set a status, you can choose from five suggested options or enter a custom one. Your status emoji will show next to your display name, and your full status will appear in your profile."

Slack users can now let coworkers know where they are and what they're doing without having to run back and update it. The quiet change to the popular status feature will be especially helpful for those who don't work in the same office as their coworkers or are going on extended vacations.

There are multiple ways you can notify someone about where you are using Slack. Aside from the status feature, you can also indicate you are online with the green notification.

Slack caused a furor earlier this week when it platform went down for a few hours. Workplaces across the country complained about the issue, which caused outages for about an hour. The short time it was down and the massive response to the outage shows how many workplaces have adopted Slack's functionality and embedded it into their daily workflow.

"On August 28, 2018 between 10:15amPDT and 10:59amPDT, Slack experienced a 44-minute outage where all users were unable to establish new connections to the Slack service. Users who were already connected to the service were able to remain connected during this time," they wrote in a statement to TechCrunch.

"A configuration change at 10:15amPDT accessed incorrect settings and prevented service access for new connections. We reverted the configuration change at 10:59amPDT and new connections to the service were able to resume. We called the all clear at 11:23amPDT. We are currently hard at work to scope preventative measures to ensure this does not happen in the future."

Just last week Slack said it was valued at $7.1 billion and secured $427 million in funding, according to Business Insider.

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  1. You can now set time limits on your status updates on Slack.
  2. They have predetermined time limits, but you can set specific deadlines for statuses through a drop down menu.

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