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The new iOS 12 Siri Shortcut feature is a useful tool that lets users create routines and workflows with voice commands. The new iOS 12.1 update takes Siri to the next level with the ability to set timers, alarms, photo automation, and get the latest weather.

Now "Get Current Weather" and "Get Weather Forecast," are available for use in Siri Shortcuts so can make sure you know if it's raining as part of your morning routine.

"Create Alarm," "Toggle Alarm," and "Start Timer" are also available. You can view recent images in your iPhone with "Get Last Import." The new update also has "Measurement" and "Convert Measurement" which can do conversions for a variety of units.

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Users can also start recording on their iPhones by telling Siri to "Take Video." The new recording could possibly build on the user-created "Police" shortcut.

The weather requests can give hourly, daily, or 10 days-out forecasts. Users can also find out the humidity, chance of rain, air quality, and more.

The new updates are useful tools that other voice assistants have already offered their users. Both Alexa and Google Assistant have been able to offer the latest weather forecast, set alarms, and timers.

Siri Shortcuts 2.1 is the first big update since iOS 12's release in September. In the new 12.1 update, users can also expect to see some other bug fixes, Group FaceTime, and more than 70 new emojis.

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  1. The latest update to Apple's Siri Shortcuts, Shortcuts 2.1, incorporates new weather, alarm, timer, photo, and measurement components.
  2. The new features have already been offered on competing voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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