Shazam on iPhone

The popular music discovery app Shazam is about to receive an Encore on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Shazam Encore for iPhone is a premium application, first introduced to Windows Mobile users last month at CTIA Wireless. Starting Monday, Shazam Encore will also be available for iPhone.

Shazam retrieves music information about a recorded song by listening to and recording from the music's source. The app returns details, links for buying a song, and social networking features that let you share the songs you had Shazam tag on Facebook and Twitter.

The premium Encore app--which will sell for about $5--adds music recommendations, trend charts, and the capability to search music by track, or by the artist or album name. According to Shazam, Encore also has speed improvements and a "car mode" that launches when you slip the iPhone into a vehicle dock.

As with Windows phones, Shazam Encore will remain an optional upgrade on the iPhone alongside the free version. New users of Shazam's free app will be limited to five music discovery calls. Shazam Encore offers unlimited song-tagging. Shazam Encore will be available in 22 countries, and in English (U.S. and U.K. varieties), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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