Windows 10 will be released to retail on July 29, giving us just a week and a half until takeoff. It's a big deal for Microsoft, which hopes to get this OS on about 1 billion devices in the next few years, starting by making Windows 10 free to Windows 7 and 8.1 home users until July 29, 2016. Because of that, we expect wide adoption this time -- so covering the story correctly is a big deal for us, too.

Toward that end, we're putting together a stream of articles to get you up to speed, including a quick overview of Windows 10 essentials, but we don't want to leave any burning questions un-extinguished. So if you have worries, questions, or complaints about Windows 10, leave a comment below or <a href="/feature/download-editors/">contact us</a>. We'll gather your questions and deliver answers in the next few days.

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