Google updated the stable and beta builds of its Chrome browser on Tuesday evening, making a fix marked as critical to the Mac version and numerous repairs marked as high-priority across all platforms. Chrome 6.0.472.59 for Windows, Mac, and Linux also repaired a Linux-specific memory corruption bug.

At the time of writing, the critical Mac bug was still blocked from public view. This is not uncommon with bugs that can represent serious security risks. Judging by its public security logs, Google appears to be releasing details on fixed bugs no earlier than a week after the bug has been repaired.

Other security issues that were addressed include multiple high-level bugs involving use-after-free in document APIs, SVG styles, and nested SVG elements. Two high-level memory corruption bugs were also fixed, one in the HTML5 Geolocation feature, and another in language handling for Khmer. Finally, a small number of users who experienced browser crashes when blocking pop ups should now see that fixed. The Chrome 6.0.472.59 changelog can be read at Google's Chrome updates blog.