You can watch Super Bowl 50 on your TV. That's what everyone does. But the game's not just about what's on the field and on your TV; half the fun is the crowd and tailgating at the game or, if you're at home, hanging out with your friends offline and on. Fire up your second screen to comment on the action, to watch and vote on the ads, and to check out fan photos and videos.

Watch the game

The second screen's not much fun without the first one. So first check out our guide for watching the NFL championship game on a variety of devices, from your mobile phone to your Mac and PC ... and of course your TV.

Get social

Once the game's on, it's time to join the social stream.

On Facebook, follow the Super Bowl 50 action, play by play, at Facebook's Super Bowl. The activity feed is chock-full of fan posts, media updates, and -- last year -- discussions of Left Shark. You'll see live stats, expert opinions, and posts from friends. And you'll be able to comment on individual plays as well.


On Twitter you can monitor the the Super Bowl stream at Moments, which Twitter rolled out last year to let you easily follow unfolding stories. Click the Moments tab at the top of screen -- on mobile devices, the tab displays a lightning bolt. Twitter says the Moments page will have a Super Bowl tab for quick access.


Fan photos and videos

Snapchat will run a curated stream of user-submitted Snaps through Live Stories. To see Super Bowl Live Stories, swipe left on the camera screen to see the Stories screen. Scroll down to the Live section and tap the Super Bowl Live Story (once it's available). If you are at the game, contribute by tapping the Live Story when you post your Snap. You must have location services turned on so that Snapchat can determine whether you are at the game.


Super Bowl 50 has an official Instagram page where you can post photos and follow the game.

Just here for the commercials

According to surveys, more Super Bowl viewers look forward to the commercials than to the game. If that is you, check out USA Today's Ad Meter, where you can view Super Bowl commercials and vote on the best and worst. YouTube has a Super Bowl commercial channel, where you can watch, vote on, and share ads.


Immersive Bowl

Finally, if your interest runs more toward dogs than Panthers or Broncos, grab your Google Cardboard viewer or other 3D headset and check out Puppy Bowl XII. Animal Planet intends to stream this year's bowl in 3D, which promises to be an augmented-reality cuteness overload.

Clifford Colby follows the Mac and Android markets for He's been an editor at Peachpit Press and a handful of now-dead computer magazines, including MacWeek, MacUser, and Corporate Computing.