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Over the coming months, Ring is adding features to its app and services that let you finetune alerts and stay on top of suspicious neighborhood activities. Ring helps customers monitor their home with Ring doorbells and cameras. The Ring app (iOS, Android, Windows) connects your Ring devices so you can see, hear, and talk to anyone on your property from your smartphone.

The app pairs with Ring devices including its the camera and doorbell, letting you monitor your home's security with your smartphone, iPad, or Mac.

Most of the updates are for the Ring customers with the Ring Protect Plan. With the plan, you can store recordings triggered by the Ring webcam or doorbell motion sensors.

The update will have a camera preview feature that will display recent images from all your Ring devices in one place. Just tap an image if you want to look into it further.

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Toward November, the company intends to roll out a Timeline feature. With the update, recordings will be color-coded on a timeline to help with pinning down when something happened chronologically.

Ring is also rolling out the Smart Alert suite to help Ring Protect users get more relevant alerts and save their device's battery life. For example, the update will include Motion Verification for Ring devices to reduce false alarms. Motion Stop can determine that importance of an activity and stop recording.

Person Detection uses video analysis to determine if the detected motion is from a person, animal, or another object and then ignore the source of motion if it's not dangerous.

Users can also customize Motion Zones to designate which areas they want to monitor closely.

Ring said other security additions planned for next year include Live Camera Previews, Audible Announcements, Timestamps on images and video, and Bulk Downloads.

Users can supplement their Ring experience by downloading Ring's sister app, Neighbors. Neighbors lets neighbors communicate possible safety alerts between each other and authorities.

A Ring Protect Basic subscription costs $3 per month, or $30 for a year per device you have. Ring Protect Plus, which costs $10 per month and $100 per year, offers unlimited coverage on devices.

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  1. Ring's new app update will give users a more efficient and thorough way to monitor their homes with Ring devices.
  2. Users can expect features like Person Detection, Motion Stop, customizable Motion Zones, and a Smart Alert suite in the coming year.

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