NIN musician Trent Reznor confirms a BlackBeery version of his app is underway.
Twitter PR strikes again. (Credit: CNET)

I'll say this for celebrity Twitter accounts: they sure can stir up some news.

Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor used it to good effect on Wednesday when he tweeted that a version of his band's iPhone application is in the works for BlackBerry. Reznor's camp hasn't yet let slip a release date, except the vague and taunting promise of "soon."

Presumably, Reznor and NIN fans won't have to worry about the delays to the software's release that dogged an update to the rock band's iPhone application initially deemed "objectionable" by Apple. A few days after Reznor's enraged e-mails and forum posts in response to Apple's rejection, Apple relented and let the update pass through inspection with nary a change.

And as incensed as Reznor was about Apple's "goofy and out-of-touch" (graphic language) approval process, the rocker is clearly less passionate about pushing the app for NIN fans to BlackBerry. In the same forum post where he calls the iPhone "THE most elegant, modern smartphone at this point in time," BlackBerry devices are pronounced merely "OK," with "inconsistent hardware."

Now he's done it. BlackBerry loyalists may not have the same reputation of salivating fanboyism as Apple's ilk, but I can't see them letting that one slide without a fight. At least not before getting their own app, too.

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