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Apps like Apple News, Google News, and Microsoft News gather content from hundreds of different sources around the world, but some of their sources have apps of their own. We've covered the New York Times and Washington Post apps in the past, and now the Reuters wire service has redesigned its free ad-supported iOS app from the ground up, with a focus on personalization and improved visual appeal. The update for Android is expected in the next few weeks.

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Akin to Microsoft News and Apple News, Reuters News starts by asking you to select topics of interest, to customize your news feed. Some, like "U.S. Politics" and "Technology," are pre-selected. You can make changes to this list later by tapping on the user icon in the bottom right, then tapping My Feeds. You don't get the handy grid here that you do when you first open the app, but you can sort and remove topics, and search for others.

In our testing, the search function could produce a variety of different feed options. When we searched for "Donald Trump," we could choose a feed that was just about him, or we could scroll down and see other related feeds, such as one for his son Donald Trump Jr., or the First Lady Ivanka Trump, or a variety of other feeds covering people with "Donald" or "Trump" in their name. There's also a curated feed called "Trump Effect."

When you've made your selections, tap the Done button in the upper right, and your additional topics will now be on the My Feeds screen, where you can sort them according to priority.

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However, the Reuters news app does have a Night Mode, which switches it to a dark background to reduce eye strain. You can also tell the app to not load images by toggling Text Only Feed, if you just want to see the headlines in a more compact layout.

Background audio and auto-playing video are also available in the app, and disabled by default. And the app is set by default to do content prefetches, which allow images and video to load more quickly on your device.

The Reuters News app might not have the same visual polish as Apple News or the new Google News, but the wire service itself is still valuable for getting the latest stories with minimal political bias or editorializing, and this app is a personalized way to get all of their content under one roof.

The takeaways

  1. Reuters has released a redesigned Reuters News app for iOS, with a focus on personalization and more appealing visual design. The Android update will be coming soon.
  2. The app is free and supported by ads.

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