High Quality Photo Resizer is lightweight image editor replete with options, but it also suffers from some snags that might an update be worth the wait.

It's a solid piece of freeware, with a installer smaller than 1MB and a small system footprint to accompany it. The interface is basic and mostly text based, which accounts for the small size, but it is a bit disappointing as an image editor.

You start by loading an image or group of images. The interface teases you with a big, empty white space that desperately wants you to drag-and-drop images into it, but the only way to get files into the application is through the browsing function. Users can't add folders, although you can select the full contents of one and add images that way. The batch editing feature is one of the best things about HQPR.

High Quality Photo Resizer has a surprising number of special effects. (Credit: CNET Networks, Inc.)

From there, choose one of eight output formats, including JPG and TIFF, and set the output size. Users can manually set the height and width or use a preset, but the "preserve aspect ratio" option didn't work for us. That's a major flaw in an image editor that focuses on resizing, so hopefully that gets fixed in subsequent versions. Also, the program doesn't reset the size change from previous uses, and doesn't show the current size of the image, which is frustrating, to say the least.

The next step offers users a wide range of potential effects. The changes include converting the image to black and white, posterizing, sharpening, adjusting the contrast, adding noise, and more. After you make your edits, you can preview the image. The automated edits looked surprisingly good, but the process was a bit odd; a preview pane took up the entire screen and showed only one image within a batch job.

The essential Preserve Aspect Ratio box doesn\'t seem to do much. (Credit: CNET Networks, Inc.)

Still, HQPR offers quick resizing and more in a tiny, free bundle, which makes this a reasonable alternative for those who need their batch image edits done fast.