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Parents be warned: There is a new video circulating on the internet that exposes your children to suicide and self-harm. The Momo Challenge, a creepy video of a flushed woman with large eyes and wide mouth, recently leaked onto YouTube Kids. The video encourages children to commit harmful acts toward themselves and others in a series of challenges.

Though Momo was widely debunked, new viral challenges are constantly swarming the internet. Fortunately, there are apps for kids that can help shield your children against internet threats.

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Here are four mobile apps to help parents set better time limits for their children on social media apps, better manage privacy settings and overall decrease online risks for their kids' safety:

SPIN Safe Browser

SPIN Safe Browser (download for Android or iOS) is a free app that immediately blocks inappropriate content from your child's device. This app will even block sites that are usually good but may have bad content, like YouTube Kids.

SPIN Safe Browser will block sites with categories like pornography, nudity, drugs, alcohol and YouTube. It enforces YouTube's restricted mode to remove any inappropriate videos and videos flagged by the community. You will be able to view your kids' search history, blocked websites and customize websites you would like blocked.

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Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky SafeKids (download for Android or iOS) downloads to your phone in Parents Mode and your child's phone in Kids Mode.

With Kaspersky, you can customize which websites and apps to block, whereas apps like SPIN block them for you. You will also get reports on what your children are doing on their phones.

Kaspersky offers a free version, but you can also upgrade to access more features for $15.

The premium extras include the child locator, social network monitoring, battery tracker, mobile contacts screening and real-time alerts that notify you if your child is trying to view inappropriate sites and apps.

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By adding Qustodio (download for Android or iOS) to your children's phone, inappropriate websites will automatically be blocked, just like SPIN. You can also monitor your kids' activity with the Qustodio parental control app and block any inappropriate content.

Qustodio offers a free trial, but you can later upgrade to a premium plan to fit your family's needs.

All of the plans are premium and they offer the same features, but some allow for more devices to be added. The small plan is $40 per year and protects up to three devices. The medium plan is $55 per year and protects up to five devices. The large plan is $97 per year and protects up to 10 devices.

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Norton Family

When you install the Norton Family parental control app (download for Android or iOS) to their phone you'll see what your kids are doing online and know if a website is harmful.

You can see what your kids have downloaded and what they have watched on YouTube. Much like Qustodio and Kaspersky, you can customize and block any sites you do not want them using. Norton Family also detects potential dangers before they become a threat, so you can quickly intercept them.

You can download the app for a free 30 day trial, and then the cost for the Norton Family premier account is $50 per year.

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