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There are hundreds of to-do apps to keep you organized and on track for your day. But what about things you don't want to do?

The ToDon't app (iOS, Chrome) lets you make a list of things to avoid for the day.

"ToDon't was created to make you happier and less anxious," the app's description reads. "We didn't just want to be another productivity (or anti-productivity) app."

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Opening the app lets you add things that you shouldn't do. Options can range from checking social media too much, eating junk food, texting your ex, letting the laundry pile up, and more.

ToDon't keeps track of your "progress" and reports on what you wound up doing the next day through a notification.

While humorous, the app could also help people make better life choices. In the same way that making a list of goals you want to achieve can make a difference, the same principle applies to things you want to stop doing.

ToDon't was made by the same company that brought us the Couch Potato app (iOS), Burrow. To win at Couch Potato, you just don't move.

The less you move, the more your digital potato grows, eventually becoming a Po-Great-O.

With ToDon't and Couch Potato on your phone, it's almost guaranteed that you'll have the perfect lazy weekend.

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  1. The ToDon't app lets you create a list of things you don't want to accomplish in your day. The app sends you progress reports via notification the next day to show you what you wound up doing.
  2. The app could potentially help people break habits or avoid bad choices, like checking social media less or not letting laundry pile up.

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