Web browsing can expose you to ad trackers, spam, and snoops. But it's easy to block those privacy invaders -- just put your native Safari app in Private Mode. When you browse in Private Mode from your Mac or iOS device, Safari won't remember your visited pages, search history, or AutoFill information.

Private browsing on Mac


Start Safari on your Mac (running OS X Yosemite or later). Click to open the File menu on the top left and scroll down and select New Private Window.

Or you can use a keyboard shortcut: Command-Shift-N. A new window will pop up with a black search field for private browsing.

Note: Only the new window is in Private Mode. Any other Safari windows you already have open will operate normally -- not privately.

Private browsing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


On your iOS device (running iOS 8 or later), the process is a little different. Launch Safari, tap the windows icon on the bottom right, and then tap Private on the bottom left. Safari appears black or dark when you're browsing privately.

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Joshua Rotter is a copy editor for Download.com and covers iOS.