CyberLink, maker of some of the most popular multimedia software titles for Windows, today released a massive update to its PowerDVD line.

PowerDVD version 12 Ultra brings with it increased 3D support and improved playback controls. At the same time, it switches its game up by offering tools for organizing and managing all of your media. Now you can use your desktop PC as a server for all of your content (regardless of type), and with PowerDVD Mobile 4 for Ultra, browse and play that content from any of your supported Android devices.

PowerDVD's bread and butter has always been its movie playback capabilities, and with version 12 that hasn't changed. The program can still play DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and an impressive number of video file formats quite well. But now, it adds playlists, the capability to zoom in on video, and some pretty nifty 2D-to-3D conversion for Blu-ray discs (glasses required).

Beyond typical movie playback functions, PowerDVD 12 comes with dramatically improved syncing and streaming. Now PowerDVD can act as a media hub for all of your media content--videos, photos, and music--and can sync across your various PC's and Android devices. Also, you can now push media content from PowerDVD to selected devices. This means that from your desktop, you can push a video out to play on your Android tablet and vice versa.

What's more, PowerDVD 12 now lets you view, share, and download photos from your Facebook and Flickr albums--something I haven't seen in any other multimedia programs. And finally, it comes with built-in access to the 7digital Music Store, which confirms my belief that CyberLink is making a run to create the iTunes for Windows and Android users.

At this point, it seems like CyberLink PowerDVD is quickly outgrowing its name. Sure, DVD playback has been and still is its bread and butter, but the program is obviously creeping into other territory with its integrated social media features, streaming and syncing, and its partnership with the 7digital Music Store. Whether it's true or not, I'm all for extra features without the extra cost, and that's exactly what this iteration of PowerDVD offers up.

If you're looking for a premium, all-in-one media player for Windows, I highly recommend checking out PowerDVD 12 Ultra (download). It's available now for $99.95, with Pro and Standard editions available for $79.95 and $49.95, respectively. Meanwhile, PowerDVD Mobile 4 for Ultra (download) is available for free download now in the Android Market, but you must have a license key to use.