Advanced WindowsCare Personal

Power Downloader knows that regular maintenance for his PC is crucial to his continued success as an Internet superhero. If his computer is not in top working condition when on the tail of some infamous spammer, it can mean the difference between life and death. While the stakes might be higher for Power Downloader, he also knows that everyone should perform routine maintenance if they want their computer to continue working properly.

Though there are several programs available to fix specific problems, Power Downloader decided that a one-program solution might be the most convenient way to keep his system in tip-top shape. After some quick research at, Power found Advanced WindowsCare Personal edition. This program scans several areas of his computer for problems and threats like bad registry keys and spyware. A single scan runs down a list of possible problems and lets him choose which areas should be fixed. It will even optimize his system, control which programs launch at start-up, and clean out junk files at the click of a button. Advanced WindowsCare also provides configurable tools for system restore if a particularly nasty problem rears its head. As an added bonus, the program detects all the components of his system including his motherboard specs, memory, and connected devices. Perhaps the best thing about this one-click cure-all is the fact that it's free for personal use.

Power Downloader knows that keeping his system working at its best is crucial to his endeavors. With Advanced WindowsCare Personal, Power can rest assured that his computer won't fail him in a jam.

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