Nightly Tester Tools gives you the power to resurrect extensions for the latest version of Firefox.

Whenever Firefox gets a major update, Power Downloader gets asked the inevitable question: what do I do if my favorite extension hasn't been updated yet? This time, Power D was asked by Kitty Kilobyte's cousin's sister's best friend forever, Tessa Terabyte. In her office, Tessa said, she has to copy text from Web sites and paste them into e-mails, and she used the extension called AutoCopy to help her do that.

AutoCopy is a highly useful extension. By simply highlighting a string of text, it would copy to the clipboard, and open a small menu asking if she wanted to paste it directly into the search box, the location bar, or open in a new tab, and it would show her previous strings of copied text. Unfortunately, the extension's author hasn't updated it yet for Firefox 3.

Power Downloader recommends the Nightly Tester Tools add-on to bring those dead plug-ins back to life. Its most useful feature is that it lets you control on a case-by-case basis which extensions override their version compatibility setting. It works on Thunderbird and Sunbird, too. Of course, not all extensions can be brought back to life, but when the problem is only a small tweak such as compatibility setting, saving the day is as easy as installing a new plug-in.