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Instant cameras have made a reappearance in the mainstream the last few years with products like the Polaroid Snap and the Fuji Instax. But what's a classic 1970s comeback without a modern twist?

Polaroid released a new camera today that connects to last year's Polaroid Originals aka The Impossible Project app (iOS, Android) app via Bluetooth. The camera, the OneStep+ has a powerful flash and rechargeable battery for higher performance.

The app is the key to it all, so if you invest in the new hardware, make sure it's on your smartphone. Basically Polaroid Originals lets you expose your digital iPhone photos to physical analog film. Originally, the app was meant for the Instant Lab, which looked like an 1800s field camera, but plastic of course.

Now that it can pair with OneStep+, still by Bluetooth, just find the little "+" button by the lens, there's some great new features in the app. Polaroid Originals even has tutorials and magazine segments for the most efficient camera use.

OneStep+ app's new features include:

  • Portrait lens for perfect selfies and close-ups
  • "Noise Trigger" take the picture when you clap
  • Double exposure for two scenes in one frame
  • Light painting is perfect for city shots or sparklers
  • Self timer
  • Manual mode for more control (aperture, exposure, shutter speed, etc.)
  • Remote trigger for group shots

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OneStep+ uses I-Type and 600 instant film. It's a bit pricier at $159.99, than OneStep 2 at $119.99. The features available on the new camera might be worth shelling out a few more dollars if you're a photography fan, or if you want to up your Instagram game.

Polaroid was a behemoth until production halted into 2008, and the company was in bankruptcy. The Impossible Project swooped in to save the day and threw Polaroid a liferaft.

After the acquisition, Impossible created Instant Labs in 2012 to develop iPhone photos instead of print them.

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  1. Polaroid released the OneStep+ instant camera with new features. The camera pairs with the Polaroid Originals app.
  2. The updated Polaroid Originals app features better portrait mode, a noise trigger, double exposure, light painting, a self timer, manual mode, and a remote trigger.

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