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After three years of waiting, Pokemon Go (iOS, Android) fans will finally get to take part in trainer battles this month.

Niantic, the company behind the popular mobile game, teased the feature last month. The announcement was officially made on Twitter about a week later.

"We want to give a special thanks to all the Trainers who have been patiently waiting for this feature. It's clear to us that our Trainers are the very best!" Pokemon Go tweeted.

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You can initiate a trainer battle with nearby friends or trainers using a Battle Code. Regardless of distance, trainers can challenge Best Friends or Ultra Friends in the app. And users can hone their battle skills by practicing with characters like Spark, Candela, and Blanche.

Trainers can earn prizes and rewards like Stardust by winning practice rounds.

A regular trainer battle will last about four minutes wherein your team of three pokemon will fight another trainer's. The app will let you swap Pokemon at the fight's midpoint.

The app favors strategy over strength and only matches trainers in the same Battle League. The leagues are determined the Combat Power, or CP, of your Pokemon.

"Whether you're battling a Caterpie or a Mewtwo, the cleverer and more strategic trainer will have an advantage," the website said.

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The company said battles move fast. So before starting the battle, you should use Candy or Stardust to see if you have a bonus Charged Attack to unlock. And winning is less about whose turn it is and more about the speed of attacks and shield deployment. You only get a limited number of Protect Shields though, so use them wisely.

"When trainer battles are completed, both participants receive great rewards, including a chance at rare Evolution items," the company said.

Pokemon Go's initial 2016 launch was a massive hit among new and veteran fans of the original anime. The game's popularity dwindled as time went on but reignited with the "Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!" release on Nintendo Switch.

It's almost certain the game will see a resurgence of popularity, at least for a while, with the new feature.

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  1. After teasing the possibility of PVP Trainer Battles, Pokemon Go said the feature will be available this month.
  2. Users can challenge each other or practice with the app's characters with a team of three pokemon. Winning earns players prizes like evolution items and Stardust.

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