In the wake of the release of Firefox 23, the infamous torrent site The Pirate Bay, released its own Web browser, dubbed "PirateBrowser." The package browser is a bundling of a custom Portable Firefox Browser with the add-on FoxyProxy and Vidalia (a Tor Client).

All this work is being done with the goal of allowing the user to bypass the censor net of certain countries such as United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Iran, and North Korea. The browser is portable so you can just put it on a thumb drive and take it with you. Just extract the executable and launch "Start PirateBrowser.exe."

The official adult browser of the UK?

At first glance there is not much different from the standard Firefox browser, with the exception of the automatic Tor logging and the PirateBrowser brand replacing the Firefox one on the top left. FoxyProxy comes preinstalled with customized settings to allow for faster loading. PirateBrowser also includes a selection of Favorite links on your bookmarks menu leading to other popular torrent sites such as EZTV, IsoHunt, Fenopy etc...The browser, itself, will not keep you anonymous, according to developers, but uses the Tor onion network to circumvent Internet blocks. It's not as strong as the full Tor Client so you will still need a VPN to hide your IP and activity from prying eyes. This browser may be the first step in The Pirate Bay's war against censorship and governmental control of the Internet.

PirateBrowser only supports Windows for now and can be grabbed from its main Web site.

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