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The friend feed feature on Pinterest (iOS, Android) launched in the spring. The addition brought a more social networking vibe to the app, letting users follow their friends' activity.

The feature lives under the "Following" icon on your dashboard. Users have the option to comment on a friends' pin, share it, pin it to their own board, or download it to their device.

In its latest update, the feed took on a display similar to Instagram (iOS, Android). Now when you scroll through, it's a single column of posts.

Recommended accounts are shown horizontally, like the social media site as well.

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The feed still works the same, and users shouldn't fear too much that the site is losing its distinctive style.

Moving to a single-column feed can potentially give each post more attention and drive engagement.

As of this year, Instagram has more than 800 million users. Besides Pinterest, other social media sites have borrowed a few of Instagram's features, like Stories.

It's been adding new features making it more attractive to potential users and proving itself a competitor against other social media sites.

In the last week alone, Instagram is working on adding language support for Hindi, redesigning user profiles, offering better ways to report hacking, and more.

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  1. Pinterest updated its "Following" feature to look more like Instagram's.
  2. From a marketing perspective, modeling a site after Instagram isn't the worst plan. The site is immensely popular and a fierce competitor against other social media sites.

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