PicSay on Google Android G1
A LOLdog I made using PicSay. (Credit: CNET)

PicSay's stated purpose is to e-mail or text annotated photo messages to friends, but there's nothing stopping you from using the free program as a makeshift photo editor.

PicSay is a simple application made especially for Google Android, but it's nevertheless the most customization-focused application I've reviewed today. You start by choosing a picture from your photo album or the image you most recently viewed (this won't work if your Android phone is in mass storage mode.) Then press the Menu key to start adding in the special effects: word balloons, colorful headings, cartoony images, and zany photo distortions.

There are more sober embellishments, too. You'll be able to stamp an image with a time and date, and can click into Effects to adjust hue, saturation, sepia tones, and color balance.

PicSay's biggest drawback is that it doesn't take photos from within the application, it only edits them. It also misses the opportunity to upload images to the social networking mainstays of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, MySpace, and any other blog you own; however, it's early days and perhaps this is all yet to come.

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