Opera 10 continues to chug along, and the beta build of the browser has updated for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The publisher has declined to put its proprietary Web server service, Unite, in the build, indicating that it's not yet ready for beta consideration. Still, the enormous number of fixes to the Opera 10 beta should make many fans happy.

Several of the visual tweaks include an icon for when Opera Turbo is activated, a "Synchronize Opera" button on the Speed Dial page, and inverted tab icons for panels viewed as tabs. The Opera Wand has been renamed Password Manager, Transfers have been renamed Downloads, and hitting enter to select an item in a dropdown box will no longer submit a form.

There are other bug- and stability-fixes, as well. Changelogs are available separately for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Opera 10 beta 2 with Unite can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux, too.