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Plugged security holes and stability fixes come to fans of the Opera browser as its Norwegian publisher released version 10.63 on Tuesday.

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Opera 10.63 patches numerous problems that could have posed security risks, including a cross-domain check bypass that allowed data theft, a site address spoof, a reload and redirect problem that also could've allowed spoofing and cross-site scripting, a problem reported by Microsoft that allowed private video streams to be intercepted, and a flaw that caused JavaScript to run in the wrong security context after manual interaction.

Other problems that were addressed include Opera Link freezing on startup, Opera Unite Messenger not loading, the start bar blanking out after opening a background tab, and a ramping up of CPU usage to 100 percent when starting Opera.

Users who've enabled Opera's automatic updates should be upgraded from version 10.62 without having to do anything. Opera 10.63's changelog's can be read for Windows, Mac, and Linux.