With the OpenPhone for Android or iPhone, you add a dedicated business phone number to your mobile device to handle business calls.

OpenPhone's $9.99-a-month plan gives you voice and texting, letting you keep your work calls separate from your personal mobile number.

After you download the app (Android and iOS), you can choose an available number based on area code and numbers/letters for the U.S. and Canada. Or you can also choose a 1-800 number. Or if you already have a business phone number, OpenPhone can port it over to its service.

Tailored for small business

As part of the service, you get unlimited voice and text and voicemail with transcription, so you can either listen to your voicemail or read it. You can also record and store multiple voicemail greetings, so you can easily switch to a greeting for when your business is closed, for example, or for a business promotion without having to record a greeting for each occasion. You can also set your availability with the app. If you need to carve out some time to get some work done, you can set yourself to Away and send calls straight to voicemail for one, two, or four hours; overnight; or over the weekend. You'll still be notified of calls and receive a transcription of voice messages.

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The app also lets you create a dedicated business address book and save work contacts so you can keep business numbers separate from your personal numbers. OpenPhone said the ability to share the OpenPhone number with colleagues is in the works.

To check out the service, OpenPhone offers a seven-day free trial with unlimited talk and text to the U.S. and Canada.

Other options

GoDaddy rolled out a similar service last year called SmartLine that gives you 100 minutes of talk and 100 text messages per month for $3.99 or unlimited voice and talk and text for $9.99 a month. SmartLine also includes voicemail transcription and the ability to record multiple voice greetings and set hours for when calls go straight to voicemail.

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Aircall, another popular Android and iOS app for adding a second number to your mobile phone, also lets you make and take business calls from your Mac and Windows PC. Aircall includes more enterprise-level features, such as the ability to tie into your helpdesk and integrate into Salesforce. Plans start at $30 a month per user.

And if your money is tight, you can check out Google Voice, which lets you make and receive free calls to anywhere in the U.S. from your mobile phone or the Google Voice site. International calls run $0.01 to $0.06 per minute. You can't pick your phone but you can hold group conversations and send pictures and videos in a message. You can set up a toll-free number, however.


    1. The OpenPhone app lets you set up and use a second local or toll-free number on your iOS or Android phone to use as a dedicated business telephone number.
    2. The $49.99 OpenPhone service includes unlimited voice and text in the U.S. and Canada and offers voicemail with transcription.

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