Chrome desktop integration with Dolphin's mobile browser, via extension. (Credit: Dolphin)

The latest version of the Dolphin mobile browser debuts a slick new feature for sharing, desktop sync, and Evernote Web Clipper integration.

The Dolphin browser for Android (download), Dolphin browser for iPhone (download), and Dolphin browser for iPad (download) all come with one-tap sharing, a multi-faceted option for getting the Web site you're looking at to your friends as efficiently as possible.

One-tap sharing currently works with Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail, but it also includes an option called Wi-Fi Broadcast. Wi-Fi Broadcast will let you share an item with anybody on the same Wi-Fi network who is also running Dolphin. While likely useful on a private network, it could be risky on a public Wi-Fi at a library or coffeeshop.

The new version of Dolphin coincides with add-ons for desktop Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, that will allow the mobile-only Dolphin to sync tabs, bookmarks, history, and passwords, as well as send images, phone numbers, and directions across platforms. It requires you to sign into Dolphin Connect on your mobile device and in the desktop browser add-on.

Dolphin now comes with built-in Evernote Web Clipper support, so you can instantly add an item from the Web to your Evernote collection. The integration is still in beta, though, so there might be some quirks while using it.