It seems like just yesterday that RIM revealed its first beta version of an official Twitter client for BlackBerry, and then rounded out the features with a notable upgrade.

On Tuesday, the BlackBerry-maker announced its readiness to take the app from public beta to its first full release, which RIM will start rolling out to BlackBerry App World by region beginning Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Twitter for BlackBerry 1.0 will get one more feature--the ability to dive into anyone's profile from any screen. It will also launch with support for seven additional languages: Dutch, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (European), Russian, and Turkish.

Apart from that, the features appear to be identical to the most recent beta update, and include key capabilities such as editing retweets, shortening URLs, displaying photos, and automatically completing a username from your personal list of people you follow when you begin typing a few characters after an "@" sign. 

We'll stay on the lookout for the update and will have a hands-on review of the final app shortly.

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