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Instead of asking for advice on social media or reading about frightening health conditions on WebMD, the Nurse 1-1 app can tell you if you need to see a doctor.

The app connects you to physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses through a messaging program. The professionals provide basic medical information about your ailment and steps you should take based on the severity.

Users can chat with a nurse 24/7 on Nurse 1-1's website or on the iOS app. The service is available in the US today. To start a chat, you just need to tap the "New Concern" button. You can type your questions or upload a photo.

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Nurse 1-1 is HIPPA-compliant and encrypted. The app doesn't claim to diagnose diseases or prescribe medication; it's goal is to be purely informational.

The app reported that many of its customers are moms or expectant moms. The app gets a lot of questions about pregnancy, children's colds, the flu, and more.

Nurse 1-1 isn't entirely free for everyone. If your provider isn't signed up on Nurse 1-1, each chat is $12.50. It might make the app less attractive, but it's cheaper than a co-pay or needlessly driving to the ER.

You also don't need insurance to talk to a nurse on the app. After downloading the app, answer a few quick questions to get paired up with a professional. All the nurses on the app are certified in the US and participate in background checks. You can also rate your experience after a chat.

Nurses can download a companion app where they'll be paid as independent contractors. Nurses can control their own schedules and how often they chat with clients. A user's earnings are displayed on the dashboard.

The encryption and HIPPA compliance might ease some user's worries about communicating medical information over text. Nurse 1-1 said that it collects information that the user provides and goes into more detail in their privacy policy.

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  1. The Nurse 1-1 app connects you with a certified nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or physician assistant for quick medical information.
  2. The app is HIPPA-compliant and costs $12.50 per session (unless your clinic is partnered with Nurse 1-1), cheaper than a co-pay.

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