(Credit: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite)

Details about the highly anticipated Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game have been scant. The game's new trailer was released on Wednesday, the 17th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie. It revealed only that the game is coming in 2019 and that you can "enlist immediately" at wizardsunite.com.

The game's developers, Pokemon Go's Niantic and WB Games, kept the trailer short, but Potter lovers will be excited.

Though the video doesn't include gameplay footage, it shows a complete immersion into the magical world. The golden snitch darts around an alley before a young woman apparates, stuns the snitch, and vanishes.

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Before she disappears, she conjures a poster, in the style of the "Undesirable No. 1" posters from the Deathly Hallows. The poster reads "The Wizarding World is at Risk or Exposure. We Need Your Help."

The game's goal, as described on the website, is to help contain the "Calamity" to prevent destruction worse than the era of Voldemort. Users can join the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, a group created by the Ministry of Magic and International Confederation of Wizards.

"Brush up on your spells, get your wand ready, and enlist immediately," the call-to-action said.

The trailer's snitch might be hinting at possible AR features in the game. Despite the tight lid kept on game details, the website's newest information says players will be able to cast spells, search out "magical disorder," and improve their wand reflexes.

Again, the game will debut next year, though no set date has been announced. The legion of Harry Potter fans will, of course, hope that the delay in the release means the game will be well-conceived. The fact that Niantic is starting to run tease the release and take signups could certainly be taken as a sign that a release is imminent--or, it could be that the company is trying to keep eager fans from being disappointed since the game was originally supposed to be released at the end of 2018.

(Credit: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite)

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  1. On the 17th anniversary of the release of the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, a new trailer for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game was released.
  2. While the trailer video doesn't show any gameplay footage, it's enough to get any Harry Potter fan excited with information that the game is coming in 2019 and signups are now open on the website.

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