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Before winter sets in for some of the world, there's at least another month to keep your lawn trim. If you hate mowing your lawn you can choose between two Uber-style lawn services.

The GreenPal app (iOS, Android) and the Lawn Love app (iOS, Android) are available for Gainesville, Florida residents. Similar to the ride-sharing service, homeowners can send a request for lawn work, and vendors can apply to do the work.

Both apps have the same ultimate goal of getting a lawn mowed, but they each go about it a little differently.

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In GreenPal, homeowners can send a request for lawn work to vendors. The vendors receive a text message that lawn service is needed, depending on the area. The vendors place bids on the work, the homeowner picks the one they want, and schedules in the app.

If the request comes early enough, the homeowner's lawn could be mowed on the same day.

"GreenPal requires lawn-care vendors to submit a valid Social Security number and bank account information, photographs of past work and their equipment to ensure they have commercial-grade equipment," Gene Caballero, GreenPal co-founder told "The Gainesville Sun."

Vendors don't have background checks, according to Caballero, because they're not employees of GreenPal.

Lawn Love, founded by Jeremy Yamaguchi, calls its vendors "Lawn Pros." All the service's vendors are vetted, have five years of experience in lawn maintenance, and take a skills test before they're allowed on the app.

In the Lawn Love app, homeowners can select which type of lawn service they want -- mowing and edging, weed control, trimming plants, or lawn fertilization. They can also select multiple options.

Next select a day that works best for you on the calendar in the app. Yamaguchi told "The Gainesville Sun" that his customers typically ask for same-day service, or book a week in advance.

Using an algorithm and answers from the client, Lawn Love creates a blueprint model of the customer's yard with satellite imagery. Based on the blueprint, the app generates an estimate.

Vendors can keep track of completed and upcoming bookings in the app. Homeowners can also rate the vendor.

Both services take mobile payments, which eliminates the stress of meeting up with your vendor and paying. Though both apps are free to download, GreenPal charges vendors about five percent per lawn to use their app. Lawn Love charges vendors 15 to 20 percent per job.

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  1. The GreenPal app and Lawn Love app are uber-style services that connect homeowners to lawn care specialists.
  2. GreenPal clients can submit a request for lawn care and vendors can bid on a lawn to service. Lawn Love clients customize the lawn service they need, the app builds a blueprint, and generates an estimate.

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