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Fans of the HQ Trivia app (iOS, Android) and cash will probably like the music version, Out of Tune (iOS, Android).

Out of Tune goes live once everyday in the morning and once in the evening, 3:30 p.m and 8:30 pm ET, respectively. After signing up, users watch a short intro video and give their phone number. The app can send alerts when games are about to start.

Users compete against each other for a cash prize. Users' knowledge of musicians, DJs, and comedians--veteran and new--are put to the test for 24 minutes.

The catch? The DJs spin the songs out of tune.

The app is seeing 1,500-2,000 players per game since its launch at the end of July. Participants have only 10 seconds to guess the song--answer correctly, move on in the game. Answer incorrectly, you're out. If you answer all 10 correctly, you get to share in the cash prize.

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Aspiring Singer Melody Alanna and New York based stand-up comedian Ian Lara host the show. DJ Mary Mac and DJ 8PM are on the show, too. The quartet joke throughout the 14 minute show and burst into impromptu dance sessions.

Having only been live for a week, it's hard to say whether the app will stick around. Admittedly, people like game shows and apps. Can they be mixed? The HQ Trivia app thinks so.

HQ Trivia launched a year ago and maintains a 3.8 out of 5 stars in both the Play Store and the App Store. The app came to Apple TV on August 14.

Sometimes people can miss the first question and be out of the game, but they'll still stick around to see who wins.

Despite being almost the same app, just with different topics and hosts, the two say they aren't in competition.

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  1. Out of Tune is a gameshow app where players can compete by guessing songs played out of tune for cash.
  2. The app is similar to the HQ Trivia, but the subject is music.

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