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Grocery shopping can be a nightmare. You gather the motivation to leave the house, navigate the masses of people, hear "remove item from bagging area" ten times at check-out, try to get everything inside in one trip, and then realize you forgot the main thing you ventured out for in the first place.

Mobile developer Ivan Schütz knew there were multiple apps for making grocery lists, keep track of spending, keep inventory of your ingredients on hand, and build recipes--so he decided to put them all in one app.

Schütz launched the Groma app to minimize the cost and stress of stocking the pantry.

The app was given a modern makeover earlier this year and is ready to organize your next shopping trip.

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Groma adds your favorite and most-used recipes. You can later click those recipes and the ingredients are automatically added to your shopping list. The app can track your pantry and fridge inventory after it's entered so you don't overbuy or forget an item again.

The organization only gets better with color coding and tagging systems, sorting items easily.

As far as budgeting, Groma does that too. The more you use the app, the more information it can generate to tell users how much they spend on groceries monthly. Groma can eventually forecast spending for future months. This presents the opportunity to change habits and save money.

Prices of items only need to be added once and the app will remember, though the work of entering all of them might be a drawback.

Groma is available in iOS. And Schütz said if everything goes well, it'll launch for Android as well. He also is working on future versions of Groma to make the app more accessible for everyone.

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  1. Groma is a new app to make grocery shopping easier by including a lot of the functionality that you used to have to download multiple apps to get.
  2. The app allows users to make lists based on favorite recipes, track pantry and fridge inventory, and manage spending.

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