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The gap left in Australia by popular food delivery service Foodora will be filled by Kloopr this November, and the company is taking a different approach than other delivery apps that are becoming increasingly popular across the globe.

Kloopr has big goals with the hope of maintaining a small price tag. The new food delivery service app goes live in Melbourne this November with plans of overseas expansion in the next two years.

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Even though it's not available in app stores yet, Kloopr is setting the bar high. The company's plans of lower-cost service will allow it to funnel a portion of its fees into Foodbank Victoria to help feed those in need.

Last year, the Foodbank Victoria reported 3.6 million Australians being food insecure in a 12 month period. Being food insecure means an individual or family doesn't have enough food to eat and not enough money to buy more.

Future Kloopr partners can look forward to a commission rate of around 15 percent. That's half of what UberEats and Deliveroo charge. Uber has said charging anything less would be unsustainable.

Customers will also pay less with Kloopr. Instead of the $5 that most food delivery apps charge, you need only pony up about $3.50. Users might even be able to make money with the app by logging in, becoming "Klooprs," and choosing food to deliver to other eateries.

Kloopr also wants to cut back on wasted food. OzHarvest, a food collection charity, found that Australian's alone throw out $9.6 billion worth of edible food yearly. The survey, conducted by Rabobank, found that most food was thrown out before it could be used, some people bought too much food or they didn't like it, and others didn't want leftovers.

Restaurants partnering with the company will be encouraged to offer reduced menus for delivery and set better portion sizes for their delivered dishes.

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  1. The upcoming Kloopr food delivery app is stepping up to fill the food delivery void in Australia and it's trying some new experiments with social good in mind.
  2. Kloopr stands apart from its competitors in giving back to those in need and cost cutting measures.

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