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It might be hard to imagine an app more useful than Pinterest (iOS, Android), but the Collect app (iOS, Android) is trying.

Collect is one app to save everything from all of your other apps. Collect uses boards similar to Pinterest, but lets you save photos, links, songs, videos, and documents. The app said it's the "best way to capture, combine, and collaborate on ideas."

To get started on Collect, you don't need to make an account. Just start making boards and adding media. To add new content, just tap the "+" in the bottom right corner.

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In Collect, it's more up to you to find the content. Where Pinterest generates boards and pins you might like and learns what you like, Collect gives you a blank canvas.

It's also your own content, instead of endless options from the internet. If you're planning on redecorating your living room, you can make a board based on photos or screenshots you've captured of ideas.

Any board you make can be shared or added to by friends via a link.

The app reviews suggest that the most recent update wasn't well-received. Apparently, the app used to be focused on file-sharing, and users aren't a fan of the Pinterest look.

"Honestly, if I wanted to collect boards I would just use Pinterest. I fail to see how a file sharing platform can do a 180 [degree] turn from their core service. Moreover, under the assumption of a design overhaul, it would be highly appreciated if you have users the option just to use the file-sharing services," one user wrote in the Google Play Store.

Collect used to be the We Transfer app, exclusively used for file-sharing.

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  1. The "We Transfer" app rebranded itself to "Collect," a program similar to Pinterest that allows users to share files and collaborate on boards.
  2. Existing Android and iOS users have voiced their displeasure about the redesign in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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