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We all need a bit of help keeping track of our new year resolutions, which often fall to the wayside by the time February rolls around. To help you keep tabs on your future goals, app-makers Ish ShaBazz and Heidi Helen Pilypas created Capsicum, which allows users to plan out a schedule, track both good and bad habits and take notes.

There are hundreds of daily planner platforms in Apple's App Store but few allow you to keep track of both your daily schedule as well as your more nebulous goals that may not have a specific time, like losing weight or reading more.

"Capsicum helps you plan your day, track your habits, and tell your story. With Planning, you can check the forecast, see your schedule, tackle your to-do list, and take notes. With Habit Tracking, you can add habits you want to track such as flossing or going for a run, mark these off, and review your history. With Loose Leaf, you can make lists of anything you want and keep a journal," the developers write in the App Store.

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The app, named after the pepper you can see in its logo, is a lot more flexible than other calendar apps, which often don't let you put timeless reminders next to your daily tasks. Capsicum is divided into three distinct sections -- planning, habit tracking and loose leaf -- that make it a useful, all-in-one app to use for a variety of reasons.

"This launch is the beginning of our journey to bring beautiful planners to iOS. Capsicum has too many features and use cases to list but one of my favorites is the ability to 'Time Travel' to any day in the past and check the weather for any location. For example, you can check the weather on the day you were born," ShaBazz wrote on

The app is free for 14 days and then costs $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year to continue using. Unfortunately, the app has a relatively bad rating in the App Store, with many users complaining about glitchy features and other problems.

Some have also complained about the app's lackluster search functions and the subscription model, which some have griped about considering it allows you to load all of your information in during the first 2 weeks and then demands you get a subscription to keep using it. The app does not automatically charge you, which is nice, but if you've already put all of your personal information into the app, you have no choice but to subscribe.

The app is easily customizable with different skins and allows you to have multiple notebooks in case you'd like to have separate ones for certain topics or themes.

"ShaBazz and I both love beautiful planners and iOS apps, so about three years ago we started this project to build beautiful planners for iOS. In Capsicum you can choose your notebook covers, heading styles, decorative tapes and so much more," Pilypas said.

"I have plans to add even more covers and tapes over time."

Right now, the app is only available for iOS devices, but Pilypas said they were open to creating a version for Android.

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  1. Capsicum is an app that serves as a daily planner, calendar and note taking platform.
  2. The app is free for the first 14 days and then costs $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

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