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If you're like me, your Netflix queue is packed with movies and TV shows that look interesting, but you might never watch. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime can offer suggestions based on what I watched, but I wind up cycling through the same three shows constantly.

The Binge app (iOS) from PopSugar wants to help users find the best shows to stream next, based on their preferences. It's not the first of its kind, but the app does seem to be taking a unique approach to give users the most personalized results.

When you download the app, Binge gives you a few programs to pick from to get an idea of what you like. The more you swipe like or dislike on the app, Binge recommends more programming.

Some of the programs listed in the like or dislike portion seemed pretty obscure to me. But, the more I swiped, it looked like Binge did actually find more of what I liked.

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You can filter results on Binge by provider, year released, and genre. You can follow friends on the app to see what they're watching, and the app gives you a synopsis about each program. Binge also provides information like how many seasons are available, what platform it streams from, and (perhaps most importantly) how long it takes to binge the show.

There's a discussion section in the app to talk about your favorite shows, links to watch the show in the app, and more recommendations based off of those recommendations. Every show Binge suggests has a "Binge Rating" from other users. Any program you like, you can add to your Binge List.

Overall, it seems like the app's Tinder swiping feature is the most unique part. The IMDB app (iOS, Android) works similarly to Binge -- you can add movies to your Watch List, get recommendations based on a show or movie you like, read reviews for critics and other users, see parent's guides, and follow links to get tickets to a show, or watch it on a streaming service.

Another app similar to Binge is the Fan TV app (iOS). The app can list what's on TV in your area based on your zip code and give recommendations based on your personal taste. The Decider app shows you everywhere you can stream, rent, or digitally purchase a certain title. The Just Watch app keeps you up to date on titles coming to a given service, instead of having to Google it.

Flixable is another option, calling itself a Netflix search engine. You can filter by genre, Netflix rating, language, and more. Flixable tells you all the basics of the film or show you find, including similar titles. The site provides links to IMDB and Netflix for users to watch immediately.

The TV Guide app (iOS, Android) is a faithful, tried, and true guide. The app lets you watch TV, provides local listings, new shows or movies premiering, a watchlist, entertainment news, and other alerts. ( and TV Guide are both CBS Interactive properties.)

In other words, there are a lot of websites and apps out there doing what Binge is attempting to do. It's all about your personal preference as to which app works for you. But, this is a new one to try as you try to decide what to watch tonight.

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  1. Popsugar's new Binge app finds you personalized recommendations on what to watch next on a streaming service. You can search by filters, save shows to a Binge List, and see what other users are watching.
  2. A possible downside is that the app is similar to others already available. Other apps sometimes give users more variety in their search for the perfect bingeable show.

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