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She knows something, Jon Snow. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams' new app Daisie would make her character, Arya Stark, proud.

The Daisie app, created in collaboration with film producer Dom Santry, is for artists, emerging and veteran. Daisie is a networking hub for people to show off their work, connect with other artists and leaders in their field, share jobs, and bounce ideas off each other.

Daisie launched August 1 and had to set up a waiting list the same day. More than 25,000 eager users refreshed their browsers in hope of seeing the arrival of their account invitation code.

"We are letting people on the app slowly, it is important that the community comes first," Williams tweeted yesterday. Followers and those waiting for access codes replied with support and thanks to the app's creators.

The only thing upsetting potential users is that Daisie isn't Android compatible yet.

In an interview with TeenVogue, Maisie said, "I want creative industries to be seen as a serious career decision, and I also want it to be easy for creators to be paid fairly."

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Santry and Williams struck up a friendship in 2016 while working on a film. Santry, though, was behind the camera.

"In terms of business partnerships, it was a match made in heaven," Williams told The Guardian. "I've always had these dreams, and Dom has the balls to go and do it."

The app, Daisie, is a mash-up of the duo's names.

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Williams' app will provide a haven for artists that other platforms might lack. Sometimes popularity on social media skyrockets artists to fame, but a low follower count or being unsure of how to market yourself can make it difficult to gain recognition. Business sites like LinkedIn cater to many different industries, and artists can be lost in the shuffle.

Daisie, however, takes a different approach. A common problem artists face is not receiving adequate compensation and respect for their work. Williams wants to change that by making Daisie a "creator-first" space.

The app features "Question Time," a designated time slot for users to interact and share ideas with the leaders in their field. There's also a "Shared Projects" features to allow for collaboration across industries.

And get this, no follower counts.

"Our end goal is to develop a way that all creators can receive fair compensation for their work, which is something that isn't happening right now," Williams said.

Another perk? The app has no ads.

"When I first met Dom, he out of the blue asked me if I had ever wanted to direct or produce a movie. This wasn't something I'd ever really been asked before but is definitely something I'd thought about. He's been pushing me to work harder and aim higher ever since," Williams said of her partner.

Williams is also focused on bringing diversity to a male-dominated tech world with her app.

"I couldn't be happier about the change we are currently seeing in creative industries and the movement towards women becoming truly valued," Williams said.

The creative parameters are wide open for artists to use Daisie. If you have something to make, or share, you're welcome.

In a post on Medium, Santry wrote that the app is for "Filmmakers, Writers, Readers, Listeners & Speakers, Poets, Dancers, Singers, Chefs, Entrepreneurs, Developers & Architects, if you have a passion for building, teamwork or doing -- you are a creator."

"Do it," Williams says. "We've got everything to play for. Ignore any negativity you may face and focus on yourself and what you want to do."

You can also follow Daisie on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to keep up with Daisie's progress. The Instagram account is especially active and creative.

This article originally published on July 31, 2018 at 10:18 AM EST/EDT.

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  1. Daisie is a new app focused building a community for artists where they can grow their careers. One of the co-creators is the actress who plays Arya Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones.
  2. The app allows users to share their work, exchange ideas, talk with leaders in their fields, find jobs, and connect.
Daisie IG
(Credit: Daisie Instagram account)

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