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Anxiety and depression can be exacerbated by a lot of factors. A "bad day" can be a culmination of issues like not enough sleep, not eating, not staying hydrated, weather changes, and missing a dose of medication.

My Possible Self (iOS, Android) helps you track your daily ups and downs with digital journaling and management modules.

The app offers an initial assessment that identifies modules that apply to you. The assessment will ask you to identify three emotions you want to track in depth, like fear, confidence, or anger.

The assessment helps to build a plan for goals you want to achieve. You can track your thoughts and feelings by writing, keeping photos, videos, and more in your Moments Diary.

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Modules include fear and anxiety management, loss and life changes, stress and overload, problem-solving, unhelpful thinking, communication, and happiness and wellbeing. New ones launch regularly.

My Possible Self claims to include clinically proven content and research to help teach you coping mechanisms. The app gathers content from the Black Dog Institute at the University of South Wales in Australia.

"Our self-help programme has been clinically proven to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety in just eight weeks," the app's website said.

My Possible Self uses techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, problem-solving therapy, interpersonal therapy, and positive psychology.

While the app doesn't claim to replace therapy, mental health apps still subtly advertise themselves sometimes as potential replacements. If you use this app or any other mental health apps, it's important to note that these apps are supplementary to therapy. They shouldn't be used to attempt to manage larger mental health issues.

My Possible Self offers the Moments Diary and modules for free. Monthly subscriptions give you more access to modules and features at £6 per month.

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  1. My Possible Self helps you track your daily ups and downs with digital journaling and management modules.
  2. The app uses clinically proven research from the Black Dog Institute in Australia.

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