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A number of digital wellness tools encourage putting your smartphone down to feel better. Research even links heavy smartphone usage with anxiety, loneliness and depression.

Moodrise (download for iOS or Android), the latest wellness app, thinks it can make you feel better without having to put down your phone. Instead, the app suggests changing what you're looking at.

To elevate the user's mood, Moodrise provides select video, audio and images to positively impact your brain chemistry. The developer calls this approach, which it says is backed by science, "digital nutrition."

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Moodrise focuses less on meditation and instead offers a break from the endless barrage of social media.

"Rather than ditch our phones entirely, we're developing a suite of products to intelligently leverage technology to support (and nourish) individual emotional needs, improve mental health, strengthen resilience and elevate well-being. That's our mission," the app's description reads.

In the app, users can work on moods and mental states they want to improve like confidence, connection, energy, calm, focus, happiness and imagination.

Each mood or state of being is its own learning module and has a daily "treatment." Depending on the module you select, Moodrise claims that the curated content will help create the desired chemical reaction in your brain.

For example, if you want to work on confidence, Moodrise will tell you about dopamine. Each module also outlines the benefits of improving that state of being.

Each "treatment" can last as long as you'd like. You can swipe to the next image or long-press to replay a segment. Moodrise includes short videos of animals, encouraging messages, motivational tips, stunning images of nature and endless visual ASMR.

The first energy treatment shows content like a cheetah running in slow motion, an expanding and retracting circle to do a breathing exercise with, a video of a tide coming in and going out, encouragement to exercise and more. After the treatment, you can log your mood.

Don't rush through all the treatments because the next one will be locked for three days. Moodrise encourages rest between your sessions, but you can unlock it if you want.

Moodrise could be a great way to stop and recenter for a moment, but it's important to remember that smartphone apps aren't replacements for professional medical advice or help.

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  1. Moodrise provides curated content to positively impact your brain chemistry based on science. The developers call this "digital nutrition."
  2. Moodrise includes short videos of animals, encouraging messages, motivational tips, stunning images of nature and endless visual ASMR.

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