Moby, the free, multiplatform location-sharing app, has just extended its reach to Android.

Previously the app was only available on the iPhone and BlackBerry platforms, but it appears Contigo Systems, Moby's developer, is making good on its promise to connect families no matter what devices they may be carrying.

Considering the release of Apple's Find My Friends app and the continued adoption of Google Latitude, some might feel like Moby is pushing its way into increasingly dangerous territory. But to Moby's credit, it seems to be taking a different route from the others. While most of the location-sharing apps out there seem focused on connecting friends, mostly for social interactions, Moby's mission is to facilitate private location sharing for families, as a safety measure. It has a built-in messaging platform and a really convenient emergency alert function. It also lets you request check-ins from other users, which, as you can imagine, is a useful feature for protective parents.

With big dogs like Apple and Google already on the location-sharing bandwagon, it's no secret that the category is a hot one. Glympse is another popular app as well. But if Moby continues to develop features specifically to keep families connected and safe, it may just be able to sidestep them all.

Moby is available for free download now in the Android Market.