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Here we go again. After pausing the Windows 10 October Update following reports that it deleted the personal files of a number of users, Microsoft is pushing out the package once more. Only this time, the update is being doled out strictly to Windows insiders so they can test it before it hits the general public.

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Microsoft explained why the initial Windows 10 October 2018 update created trouble for certain users and how it resolved the issues in a blog post announcing the re-release of the update for insiders. The company pinned the blame on a feature called Known Folder Redirection (KFR), which redirects the default locations of Documents, Pictures, and other folders to different spots. Further, Microsoft detailed three scenarios under which someone who enabled KFR would have lost files located in these folders after installing the October update. Following an investigation of the problem, the company said it created fixes to address all three situations.

Hopefully, the new update will resolve the glitch, and no other issues will be discovered. But the bug has raised concerns about the pace of Microsoft's Windows updates and the way the company deals with problems reported by Windows insiders who test new builds of the operating system. Is a biannual update for Windows 10 too aggressive? And why were early reports of the file deletion bug ignored?

Microsoft will have to decide if it needs to slow the pace of Windows updates. In the meantime, the company is taking action over one significant pitfall in the insider program. The reason the file deletion bug wasn't taken more seriously was because it was reported by only a small number of insiders. To better deal with such issues, Microsoft said it's added a new feature to the Windows Insider Feedback Hub. Beyond just reporting a problem, insiders will now be able to indicate the impact and severity of a problem when submitting feedback. That option will let Microsoft track critical issues even if the number of reports are low.

When will the October update resume its rollout to the general public? Microsoft didn't give a specific date, indicating that it wants to first examine the feedback from insider testing. The company said that after it's confirmed that the update poses no further impact, then it will move toward an official re-release.

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  1. Microsoft has re-released the Windows 10 October Update with a fix for the file deletion bug, but it's available only for insiders before it rolls out to the public.
  2. Microsoft has revised its Windows insider testing process so that insiders can now indicate the impact and severity of a problem.

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