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Even though Microsoft just announced that it's made Windows 10 apps like Mail and Calendar removable from a future version of the operating system, it continues working on improvements and tweaks for the Mail app (and Outlook.com, for that matter). Desktop email apps in general have been overtaken by webmail that you access through a web browser, but apparent enough folks are using the Mail app to justify continued evolution.

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Today, Windows Central spotted a new report from an Italian news site named WindowsBlogItalia, who discovered an unexpected new twist: The Mail app now has a built-in shortcut for Microsoft To-Do. To-Do is similar to Google Keep Notes (Android, iOS), which just got a refresh to Android's Material Design look.

Granted, Keep Notes is more of a general-purpose scratchpad for things like grocery lists, reminders, random thoughts, sketches, and voice dictation, while Microsoft To-Do focuses on task lists to help you organize how you go through your day, but there's definitely a lot overlap.

To-Do doesn't record your voice or let you draw sketches, but it can set up reminders. When you make a list in the mobile version of To-Do, it will show up in the Windows 10 version, because all of this data is actually being stored in Microsoft's cloud. Unfortunately, Keep Notes' Material Design refresh didn't include an optional dark theme, so the To-Do mobile app still has an edge when you want to use it at night without being blinded by a bright white background.

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For now, this To-Do update is only available in the "Fast Ring" or "Skip Ahead" versions of Windows Insider. That's a public beta testing program for Windows 10 that lets users get advanced peek at the next version of the operating system, though they may encounter some bugs and crashes as a result.

If you are in this program, and you have the To-Do app installed in Windows 10, then the To-Do shortcut will show up in the hamburger menu of both the Mail and Calendar apps.


  • WindowsBlogItalia has spotted an update to the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10: a new shortcut to Microsoft To-Do, the company's cross-platform task management app.
  • For now, this update is limited to members of the Windows Insider beta testing program.

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