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Microsoft updated all versions of its To-Do task management app today, adding the ability to customize its look and feel, and to share your to-do lists with others. Although the app remains unavailable for Windows 7 and MacOS users, the web browser version got these upgrades as well, so everyone with a OneDrive account can dive into the new features anyway, not just Windows 10 users. If you're on a mobile device, you can get the new coat of paint via native To-Do apps for Android and iOS.

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How To-Do list sharing works

With list sharing, you create a link to your list that gets sent via the company's OneDrive cloud storage service. This allows the recipient (also using OneDrive on their end) to add and remove items on the list, in a manner similar to collaborating on a spreadsheet in Google Docs. In the web version, just right-click on your list in the left-hand pane and select Share List to send it around. The sender can lock the list at any time if they want no more changes to it.

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Since the contents of a To-Do list are stored in the cloud rather than just on your device, you can create one on a Windows 10 PC (for example) and view it or share it later on any phone or tablet that is compatible with the app. Microsoft has also added the ability to hide lists that you've completed, and you can sort them alphabetically, by due date, or by creation date. Last but not least, it's improved bulk editing so that you can change multiple due dates at once.

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Introduced in April 2017, Microsoft To-Do is facing off primarily against Google Keep, which has been around since March 2013 and possesses some helpful features that To-Do lacks, such as inserting images and being able to sketch a drawing with a mouse pointer. However, To-Do does at least give you an alternative to the Google ecosystem -- and both are free to use, so the only tangible commitment is your time.

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