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Whether you're on a business trip or trying to manage your finances at home, a tool that tracks your purchases and helps you organize them can save you a lot of cash. Microsoft agrees, and it got the makers behind MileIQ (Android, iOS) to turn their attention to a new expense tracking app. The result is Spend, which is currently out just for iOS.

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While this is a Microsoft-published app, you won't be using one of your Microsoft accounts to log in. Instead, you create an account just for Spend, within the app. From there, you'll be asked to add a payment instrument, which can be a credit card, debit card, or bank account. When you do so, you'll be asked to log into those services to complete the process.

So for example, if your credit card is issued by Chase Bank, you'll log into your Chase account from within the Spend app. The app will then ask you to give your card a nickname, and then it will pull all of your recent Chase card purchases into it and show them to you in reverse chronological order.

At this point, you can put each purchase into different preset categories -- Supplies, Office Expense, Travel, Utilities, Meals & Entertainment, or Car & Truck Expenses -- and you can add more or edit the ones they've included. You can also create custom tags, add notes to each purchase, add a photo of a receipt, set up split purchases, and delete entries altogether.

To sort between personal and business expenses, all you have to do is swipe an entry left for personal, or right for business. If you make a mistake, there's an Undo button on the bottom right that will pop up when you start swiping. Once you've sorted all your purchases for the month, the app will then prompt you to send a report to the email address that you used to create your Spend account.

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In the hamburger menu linked in the upper left corner, you can look at your monthly summaries, add or remove other payment instruments, and manage your notification settings. If you decide that you want to delete your Spend account, you can do so at any time by tapping on the hamburger, then Settings, then Delete Account (at the bottom of the screen).

Although there wasn't an announcement for an Android version of Spend, you can at least access your account in a web browser via the "dashboard" on MileIQ's website. But in the app description, under the section labeled "Expect Frequent Improvements," the Spend team says, "We aim to make Spend the best way for you to manage your expenses for reimbursements or deductions. This is an early version, and you can expect it to go through many changes to achieve that goal."

We hope that an Android app is part of its game plan, though website access should still be helpful in the meantime.


  • The makers of MileIQ have created Spend, an expense tracking app for iOS, in collaboration with Microsoft.
  • Spend doesn't yet have an Android or web browser version, but the developer says, "This is an early version, and you can expect it to go through many changes."

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