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Microsoft announced today that its Outlook app for iOS and Android meets security and compliance requirements of US government workers. As of January 15, Government Community Cloud (GCC) High and Department of Defense (DoD) customers can download and use the app.

The company updated the app's mobile architecture to meet the government's security compliance requirements to protect sensitive information. To meet compliance, Microsoft uses its native sync technology to create a direct link between its mobile app and Exchange servers.

"We're excited that the GCC High and DoD customers can adopt Outlook mobile at this time as we continue to roll out new mobile experiences designed to get things done faster," Microsoft said in a blog post. "Our aim is to help all customers stay connected and on top of what's important while on the go and with confidence that their sensitive information is more protected."

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To help to securely manage email and calendar data on a user's mobile device, Outlook mobile app will also gain Enterprise Mobility and Security capabilities so that government customers can take advantage of Azure Active Directory Conditional Access and Intune App Protection Policies.

The secure Outlook app update will include recent fixes Microsoft has made it the mobile app to create a more streamlined calendar experience.

For example, the update to the Outlook mobile app includes the option to add a comment when canceling a meeting and the ability to remove a canceled event from your calendar through your inbox with a tap. You can also view attendee status in your calendar events with the update.

"Capabilities such as these are designed to get micro tasks done quickly, minimize typing, and with exquisite attention to craftsmanship, provide relevant context so you can get in and out of app fast and back to what matters in your day," Microsoft said.

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  1. Microsoft announced today that its Outlook mobile app now meets security and compliance requirements for US government workers. As of January 15, GCC High and DoD customers can download and use the app.
  2. Along with meeting federal government security requirements, the app includes recent updates designed to streamline the the app.

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