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Microsoft has spent the entire month of November releasing updates to their cloud storage app OneDrive on both iOS and Android. Today, they announced even more changes to the app that will allow users to block downloads for certain files and immediately upload all photos from their device's camera roll to a OneDrive account. This feature was previously only available to Android users but will now expand to everyone regardless of device.

Users will also changes to the MyAnalytics feature, which will now give customers more organized information about their files and how they are being used or viewed.

In a blog post, Microsoft's Stephen Rice explained all of the changes, some of which were in beta for certain users, and said everything will be officially rolled out to users by the end of the month.

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Describing the Block Download feature, Rice said "users will now be able to share a link to Office documents that can block recipients from the file, making copies of the file, copying text into other applications or printing."

"Even with these settings enabled, the user is still able to view the document in Office Online. Users can create links that block download by using the common sharing experience that exists across Office 365," he wrote, adding that once users go into Link Settings, they will be able to make changes to the permissions.

He also explained the updates to MyAnalytics feature and said Microsoft wanted to simplify the tool by making view counts more accurate and improving access points to analytic information about files. In general, he said, OneDrive customers will find it easier to access information about how your files are being interacted with by other users.

Rice went on to lay out how the Camera Upload feature has been expanded beyond its beta form and released to both iOS and Android users.

"The Camera Upload feature for OneDrive on Android is now available for all customers! Once enabled, this feature will allow users to automatically upload all photos in the device Camera Roll to a selected OneDrive for Business account," he wrote.

"To enable this feature, go to the 'Me' view from within your OneDrive for Business account and tap 'Photos'. You will see a prompt like the one below, tap 'Turn On' and read the ensuing prompts carefully."

Microsoft has spent the entire month of November unveiling changes to the web and app versions of OneDrive, improving various aspects of the app's performance and streamlining many of its most popular features. They've made it easier to scan documents into file folders and share them with others while simplifying other parts of OneDrive that users found cumbersome.

Microsoft has doubled down on improving OneDrive as it competes with Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and others for supremacy in the cloud file storage market.

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  1. Microsoft is releasing updates to their OneDrive cloud file sharing service that will simplify the app and bring updated performance statistics to iOS and Android users.
  2. Thanks to the update, users will be able to upload all of the files in their camera rolls directly to OneDrive and they will also have the chance to limit who can download what files on each account.

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