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Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint are becoming more accessible and making it easier to search multimedia files with new transcription capabilities for video and audio files. The company plans to use the same AI from Microsoft Stream when it launches the new features later this year.

Microsoft Stream -- the company's video-sharing service -- supports more than 320 file types with the implemented tech in its business video service.

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Microsoft's blog said the modern workplace puts pressure on employees to do more work in less time. Allowing OneDrive to transcribe video and audio files saves a big step for someone creating a presentation or holding a meeting.

Another perk of the update is, transcribed files of the content will be fully searchable. This helps anyone in a meeting look up a certain word or something more specific, like a receipt, and assists those accessibility needs.

Microsoft announced the search feature last September and it's already being applied to photos. AI determines where the photos were taken, identifies objects, and reads text in the photos to make them searchable in OneDrive.

For video, once a video is published to Microsoft Stream, transcription services are still available, and users have access to in-video face detection and closed-captioning.

Microsoft also plans to introduce file recommendations into OneDrive and's homepage. The files are suggested based on Microsoft Graph learning user behavior in Microsoft 365 to enhance the experience. Users will also be able to create new documents by reusing old content.

To add to the updated file card launched earlier this year, Microsoft will add file insights that provide statistics for users on any OneDrive or Sharepoint file. The stats will show who's looked at it, any action that was taken, and help users chart their course of action.

Intelligent sharing is also on its way. Users will get a prompt notification for a share option after completing a presentation. This can help keep everyone up-to-date with all the same information in real time. The goal of the new updates is to allow users to make the most of their files in an easier way.

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  1. Microsoft is updating the features in OneDrive and Sharepoint for launch later this year to improve user experience.
  2. New features include video and audio transcription, file insights, intelligent sharing, file recommendations, and fully searchable files.

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