In the wide world of photo-sharing tools, Memeo Share makes a strong effort to retain your focus with online backups, support for full-resolution photos and videos, social networking features, and a revamped interface.

The main interface of Memeo Share. (Credit: Memeo)

Version 2 makes a much-needed overhaul of the interface, which was not Memeo's best selling point. For a media-management tool, that can be the kiss of death, no matter how cool its features are. The new user interface is definitely "slick," as Memeo calls it, but it's also simple and bolstered by clean, big buttons.

Since Memeo's big selling point is that it's easier for family and close friends to privately share their media without having to worry about public social-networking platforms, an interface that doesn't confound and can appeal to people of all ages is a must. Although, users should note that you can make content public via a radio button at the bottom of the central pane.

The basics will sound familiar to many users. Memeo starts with a user-friendly design: your profile and friends on the left, Activity and Sharing Circles in the central pane, and the members of the current circle you're sharing with on the right. Double-click a thumbnail to see the large version of it and get access to features like comments, tags, saving to your hard drive, and running a slideshow.

The Sharing Circle is the big concept behind Memeo Share. It lets people create private groups whose members can interact with each other, but only upon invite. In addition to autoposting to Facebook and YouTube, Memeo Share now scans your Web mail address book for more contacts to invite.

Other major improvements to the program include drag-and-drop uploading, enhanced searching that includes tags and comments, the ability to push content to mobile devices, and the introduction of online storage to convince casual enthusiasts from going elsewhere for backups. Sharing tags and comments aren't new in this version, but the live feed of what others in a given circle are doing is. While sharing with only two other people, and not a large group, the experience was lag-free.

Overall, Memeo Share is an excellent tool for families or close friends to share their content without having to engage in public social platforms.