While Bleach and One Piece go on hiatus, why not make your own manga-fied version of life in the meantime? Otaku Camera makes your photos look like an action scene from a Japanese comic. You can add headlines, crazy sound effects, and many other common effects from manga comics.

The free version includes a small number of general overlay effects, but more can be downloaded from the built-in App Store. You can also add featured characters from popular mangas like Berserk to breathe life into that dull, 3D life of yours. Otaku Camera comes with plenty of animated filters and tools to crop and resize your images into a full-fledged manga panel. Once you finish adding and editing your photos, Otaku Camera includes the ability to share your picture to the standard popular social outlets.

The downside is that Otaku Camera doesn't include a built-in camera, which you'd think would be a fairly obvious feature. Currently, there's no ability to remove ads, but on the plus side, Otaku Camera also works as a news aggregator for the latest updates in the manga world.