Netflix is a great way to watch movies and TV shows -- if you already know what you want to watch. But if you need to browse, you're at the mercy of Netflix's poor recommendations feature, limited search, and broad categories, meaning you may see the same few titles repeatedly or not find what you want at all. That's why there are so many websites to help you figure out what to watch -- such as Leanflix, Flixfindr, Movieo, Can I, and FlickSurfer -- as well as Sense, a text-based Netflix concierge. Read on for more sites, apps, and extensions that improve discovery on Netflix.

Wioflix (iOS, Android)


Wioflix, which stands for What Is On Netflix, goes beyond standard Netflix search -- title, name, and genre -- to surface only top titles for you, based on IMDb, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes scores. Add the titles that pique your interest to your queue, or press Start Playing to watch now on the Netflix mobile site or app.

Gyde (iOS)


Gyde offers movie options in a Tinder-like interface. Swipe right to put movies on your watch list and left to discard the films you've already seen. You can deep-press a movie option to bring up quick actions, such as favoriting, removing, or wait-listing. Tap the color wheel to pull up two more methods of movie discovery: By Mood, which lets you tap specific spots on a mood wheel for recommendations based on the film's feel (such as Fantasy Comedy or Adventure Thriller); or By Genre, which lets you combine up to three classifications to find movies that incorporate all three.

Yahoo Video Guide (iOS, Android)


Yahoo Video Guide is organized by three tabs: Movies, Shows, and Featured, which is a combination of the previous two. Tap the one you're interested in to view the most popular, organized by genre. You can choose a title, see its Rotten Tomatoes rating (critics and audience), get a plot summary, and see similar titles. If your title is available on Netflix, you can launch the Netflix app or mobile site directly from the Yahoo Video Guide. If you have no idea what you want to watch, launch the Mood Picker from the main menu. Then tap one of 10 GIFs on the bottom rail, expressing different moods, and you'll get dozens of scrollable titles to choose from.

Flix Roulette (Android)


Flix Roulette turns the stress of movie selection into a fun game. Open the app and you'll see a basic interface, where you can select between movies or TV shows, several genres, and various star ratings. You can also filter results by director's name, actor's name, or keyword. Then press the Shuffle button on the top right, and Flix Roulette will select a film or TV show that may appeal to you. Press Play to view your pick on the Netflix mobile site or app.

Netflix Super Browse (Chrome)


Install the Netflix Super Browse extension for Chrome, and the next time you launch Netflix, you'll see a Super Browse icon on the top left of your screen. Hover over it to see hundreds of secret categories to search by -- such as African Movies, Military Dramas, and Spiritual Documentaries -- that expand on Netflix's paltry 20 categories. You can also search Netflix's secret categories by heading to Netflix Codes and tapping the code that appeals to you most. If you're signed in to Netflix, you'll be taken to a more extensive Netflix category list to match your specific interest.

NEnhancer (Chrome)


As its name implies, NEnhancer enhances your Netflix experience by including show trailers and IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings beside movie offerings, so you know what you're getting into before you hit Play. For an even better search experience, you can hide movies you've already seen under Settings, so they don't interrupt your quest for new movies.

Reelgood (iOS)


Reelgood helps you find must-see flicks using recommendations from friends. Sign in with Facebook or start a new account. Tap Streaming Options and then the menu button to filter your results to Netflix only. In the same filtering menu, you can narrow by genre and sort by either Popular or Rotten Tomatoes score. You will then see a scrollable list of popular movie titles. Add movies to your queue or tap the Friends button on the bottom rail to take inspiration from what your friends are currently watching.



Leanflix's sliders are an easy way to filter movies by multiple options: genre (there are 20); year; Leanflix, IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes scores; MPAA ratings; run time; language; and country of origin. You can then sort your results alphabetically (by title) or by date added, box office total, or Leanflix score. Save time by saving customized filters for future use.

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